1)  Ram Prasad Bismil was associated with-
a)  Alipore bomb case
b) Kakori bomb case
c) Meerut conspiracy case
d) Kanpur conspiracy

2)  Who is the founder of Muslim League in India?
a) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
b) Md Ali Jinnah
c) Nawab Salimulla
d) None of these
3)  The Gandhi Arwin pact proclaimed the suspension of-
a)  Dandi march
b)  Non cooperation movement
c)   Civil Disobedience movement
d)   None of these

4)  Vikramasila  University was founded by –
a) Chandragupta maurya
b) Kaniska
c) Pulakeshin-II
d) Dharmapala
5)  The President of Indian National  Congress at the time of
  Indian Independence  was-
a) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
b) J.b. Kripalni
c) Jawaharlal Nehru
d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
6)  The fourth Buddhist council was held by-
        a) Ashoka
        b) Chandragupta
        c) Kaniska
        d) Kalasoka
7)  The first Indian women president of Indian National Congress was-
a)   Kosturba Gandhi
b)   Annie Besant
c)   Sarojini Naidu
d)  Vijayalakshmi Pandit
8)  Which of the following was written by Raja Rammohan Roy?
a) Brahma Samaj
b) Mothe India
c) Tuhafatul Muwahiddin
        d) Kiratarjuniya
9)  The English weekly edited by Mahatma Gandhi was-
a) Kesari
b) Comrade
c) Bombay Cronicle
d) Young India
10)  The Indian Congress adopted the resolution of
poorna swaraj at its session held at-
a) Calcutta
b) Karachi
c) Allahabad
d) Lahore
11)      Who among the following was a prominent 
officer of the Azad Hind Fauz?
a) Aruna Asaf  Ali
b) Shah Nawaz Khan
c)  Dr.M.A. Ansari
d) Khaim Abdul Gaffar Khan
1. (b)      2. (C)      3. (c)     4. (d)      5. (b)       6. (c)      
7. (c) 8. (c)        9. (d)       10. (d)       11. (b)

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